A very silly doodler.


The first children's picture book I have ever had the opportunity to illustrate is now available on Amazon.HOT CHIPS, MAD FISH & OTHER TALES, written by the ever talented Sue Marasciulo, is a collection of short stories of wild boy Pat and his animal friends and their fun and goofy adventures.This project was a long term goal for Sue, who wished to create fun and engaging picture books for children with difficulties in reading. And it is my absolute pleasure and honor to help Sue achieve this goal.


Examples of digital illustrations depicting topics that tickle my interests!


Examples of design work intended for physical products.


[ cheɪŋ-gō-chə-meɪŋ-gō]
A.K.A. Mango. An artist living in San Diego, CA who enjoys making very fun, very silly, very wholesome doodles. Mango was imported from Vietnam in 2002 and has since lived with her family of mangoes in the sunny So-Cal town. She is wickedly in love with pro wrestling, motorsports, video games, animals/nature, and for some weird reason, lighthouses. Mango has a bachelor's degree in Television, Film, & New Media from San Diego State University. She enjoys using her wide array of creative and technological skills that she has amassed as a filmmaker and as an artist to (in her own words) make all her pictures look real, real pretty!

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